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A rare combination of people and coding skills.


In my ~7 years of working in software I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety tech stacks and company types. I’ve put countless hours in my free time learning new technologies. Despite my technical growth, my strongest asset has always been the ability to build strong relationships with end users, stakeholders and co-workers.

I’m a pretty good coder but that’s not my main skillset.

I’ve worked with enough technical experts to realize some brains naturally come up with ideal architecture. Therefore, my ideal work environment includes colleagues who are much more technically talented than I am with whom I can bounce my technical ideas off of to bring the ideal solution to the client.

Other Soft Skills

  • Empathy, non-judgement, and non-attachment to ideas
  • Awareness of learning styles (visual, auditory, etc.) when explaining ideas
  • Anticipation of problems or “blockers” early and notifying relevant parties
  • Documenting and mentoring so thoroughly I’m no longer needed

I have comfort with leaving my “comfort zone”