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Developed mobile application for an Arts Foundation that wanted to offer its highest donors a platform to manage promotions to local restaurant and entertainment areas


  • Developed using Angular JS front-end and .NET Core 2.0
  • Implemented OData protocol to standardize REST endpoints
  • Utilized Entity Framework Core as ORM with MS SQL Server
  • Built on Apache Cordova (Phone Gap) to allow platform agnostic distribution
  • Designed with material design principles to deliver a sleek and modern user interface to attract a higher user-base
  • Oversaw distribution through Google Play and Apple stores

  • Ramping up quickly on Angular tutorials to be ready for project kick-off
  • Studying the involved life-cycle of push notifications in mobile development
Lessons Learned
  • Recognizing the weaknesses of cross-platform mobile frameworks and knowing when to recommend them over native code
  • Documenting the tedious process of submitting an application to the App store

Served as Tech Lead to create a SPA application to allow city residents to pitch their ideas for technological solutions that could benefit the city


  • Architected front-end application using React/Redux
  • Leveraged Redux containers to minimize code and simplify operations for future developers
  • Implemented Sagas Pattern to handle async operations
  • Supervised development of back-end using Python and Django framework
  • Implemented Django ODBC driver to MS SQL Server for data layer
  • Adhered to TDD design patterns for code maintainability and scalability


  • Learning the exciting new framework everyone was talking about 😉
  • Transitioning from the question “asker” to question “answerer” as my skills with React increased
Lessons Learned
  • Wrapping my head around the component architecture approach of React versus the more MVC approach of Angular
  • Configuring the MS SQL ODBC driver with Django with limited documentation since it expects a connections to a data source like Postgres.

Collaborated on building a health care calculator that allows users to calculate their health care costs and view charts that display their health savings


  • Implemented a HandleBars JS for templating and JS graphing library to dynamically display charts to the user
  • Stored Calculator configurations in MySQL database and used PHP  to retrieve relevant data
  • Processed in-depth savings calculations as provided by business to output final aggregates
  • Deployed to company’s existing Word Press site

  • Creating a UI that “wowed” the client and provided seamless data input
  • Relearning PHP for an integration project bigger than any of my previous experience
Lessons Learned
  • The developer who created the initial back-end left the company, hence resuming their work with no documentation reminded me of the importance of good documentation.
  • The client frequently changed the calculation requirements hence designing the calculation logic to be more flexible initially would have been ideal.