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Developed mobile application for an Arts Foundation that wanted to offer its highest donors a platform to manage promotions to local restaurant and entertainment areas


  • Developed using Angular JS front-end and .NET Core 2.0
  • Implemented OData protocol to standardize REST endpoints
  • Utilized Entity Framework Core as ORM with MS SQL Server
  • Built on Apache Cordova (Phone Gap) to allow platform agnostic distribution
  • Designed with material design principles to deliver a sleek and modern user interface to attract a higher user-base
  • Oversaw distribution through Google Play and Apple stores

  • Ramping up quickly on Angular tutorials to be ready for project kick-off
  • Studying the involved life-cycle of push notifications in mobile development
Lessons Learned
  • Recognizing the weaknesses of cross-platform mobile frameworks and knowing when to recommend them over native code
  • Documenting the tedious process of submitting an application to the App store

Collaborated on an asynchronous ETL application (Extract Transform Load) to routinely migrate financial transactions for a government entity handling statewide financial data


  • Orchestrated multiple SSIS packages to asynchronously migrate ~1M financial and transactional records daily
  • Indexed relevant columns and followed best practices in table normalization to optimize query performance
  • Configured Change-Data-Capture (CDC) to monitor data changes and replace existing triggers impacting performance
  • Created user functions and staging tables to accommodate time zone differences in UTC and to track changes
  • Collaborated with Database Administrators to implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) redundancy

Implemented multiple Dynamics CRM instances with Office 365 application integration across five departments including SSRS reports and Javascript to synchronize mapping API


  • Developed custom plugins, web resources, and SSRS-embedded dashboards to handle business logic beyond default
    capability of CRM instance
  • Leveraged Javascript Es6 syntax to write maintainable and concise scripts to calculate time zones dynamically utilizing
    Bing Maps API
  • Consulted on the pros and cons of implementing a custom versus default solution in areas such as Microsoft Flow and
    Power BI instead of standard workflows and charts
  • Integrated external Dynamics applications including SharePoint, OneDrive and Voice-of-the-Customer

Configured Power BI dashboard for a youth empowerment nonprofit to showcase data patterns in student performance, demographics, and volunteer retention


  • Implemented ESRI location mapping tool to pinpoint target neighborhoods that were not served
  • Created training program for application use and user buy-in
  • Consulted in payment plans and best practices in embedding maps for public use
  • Facilitated migration from storing data in excel to storing in Salesforce for eventual connection to Power BI

Collaborated on building a health care calculator that allows users to calculate their health care costs and view charts that display their health savings


  • Implemented a HandleBars JS for templating and JS graphing library to dynamically display charts to the user
  • Stored Calculator configurations in MySQL database and used PHP  to retrieve relevant data
  • Processed in-depth savings calculations as provided by business to output final aggregates
  • Deployed to company’s existing Word Press site

  • Creating a UI that “wowed” the client and provided seamless data input
  • Relearning PHP for an integration project bigger than any of my previous experience
Lessons Learned
  • The developer who created the initial back-end left the company, hence resuming their work with no documentation reminded me of the importance of good documentation.
  • The client frequently changed the calculation requirements hence designing the calculation logic to be more flexible initially would have been ideal.

Collaborated on a .NET Core application to assist an investment company in showcasing their members.


  • Utilized Razor views and JQuery Datatables for user interaction
  • Implemented ‘Repository Pattern’ architecture
  • Utilized Entity Framework Core as ORM
  • Maintained deployment cycle leveraging Visual Studio with Azure deployment tools
  • Maintained ongoing updates and service requests