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Collaborated on building a health care calculator that allows users to calculate their health care costs and view charts that display their health savings


  • Implemented a HandleBars JS for templating and JS graphing library to dynamically display charts to the user
  • Stored Calculator configurations in MySQL database and used PHP  to retrieve relevant data
  • Processed in-depth savings calculations as provided by business to output final aggregates
  • Deployed to company’s existing Word Press site

  • Creating a UI that “wowed” the client and provided seamless data input
  • Relearning PHP for an integration project bigger than any of my previous experience
Lessons Learned
  • The developer who created the initial back-end left the company, hence resuming their work with no documentation reminded me of the importance of good documentation.
  • The client frequently changed the calculation requirements hence designing the calculation logic to be more flexible initially would have been ideal.
Served as UX lead for an SEO and Web PR company implementing WordPress applications for a diverse client base.


  • Created custom themes with PHP or used existing templates depending on client needs.
  • Composed custom Bootstrap themes leveraging Sass and Twitter Bootstrap
  • Gathered client requirements and worked with Project Managers to plan Agile sprint cycles.
  • Composed wireframes using a combination of Balsamiq, Axure, and Photoshop.
  • Planned sprint cycles to ensure on-time delivery and keep project on-track

Full list of Projects available here.