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You provide a talented team – I’ll provide an affable attitude and insatiable drive to learn.




In the last three years I’ve worked for a software consulting company where I’ve had the invaluable opportunity to serve a variety of clients in the health, educational and financial sectors.
Every project has given me rich experience in developing technical expertise while improving equally valuable soft skills.



  • Developing custom applications in a variety of languages and frameworks
  • Updating legacy systems and/or implementing fixes
  • Integrating disparate data sources to provide a 360 view of content
  • Creating ETL pipelines for ongoing data transfer 

  • Predicting obstacles and planning accordingly
  • Tactfully disagreeing and constructively suggesting an alternative
  • “Stepping back” and reassessing the bigger picture from a user vs developer perspective
  • Assessing when to ask for help and when to keep researching


My Gaps

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Ready for the next learning leap.