Company Full Stack Initiative

Spearheaded company’s full stack initiative to cross train developers (devs) and implement best practices in both stacks. Features Pioneered architectural review process requiring developers to create entity relationship diagrams ERDs prior to writing code.

Client Journey:

Initial Meetings

  • Onboarding new devs was time-consuming
  • Backend devs built APIs without considering Frontend and vice-versa
  • Time wasted on rejected Pull Requests because architecture wasn’t approved

Consulted on these items:

  • Training developers to be “full stack” would simplify assigning tickets
  • Creating videos and live-course training material would expedite onboarding
  • Putting an “architecture review process in place” would catch poor decisions early

Project Completion

  • Nascent “full stack” devs worked in tandem
  • Applications built with scalability in mind
  • New devs relieved they could follow tutorials

Mentor Skills:

  • Empathetically mentored junior developers taking their experience, interests and learning styles into account
  • Balanced developer interests and skill sets when assigning tickets and encouraging all to “leave comfort zone”

Video Overview: