Dazzling Demos

Series of presentations I’ve given to CEOs, upper management and colleagues. Although the goal of most of these presentations was to improve existing company operations, the same format has been followed when I’ve given demos to clients – leading with the solution in mind while keeping content concise and engaging with a sprinkle of personality.

“Voltron” – Company Reimbursement Initiative

Problem: Company felt it was a waste of money to pay for learning subscriptions like Pluralsight because no one was using them.

Solution: A partnership between colleague and company to achieve bidirectional growth where the employee gets learning resources reimbursed but must write up a review of resource or create marketing material.

Outcome: Company cut costs on learning resources by 28% first year and 63% second year. Employees felt supported in their learning growths.


Architectural Review Process

Problem: Bugs were repeatedly appearing despite use of unit tests due to developers working in silos.

Solution: An architectural review process where developers must create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of their proposed architecture that must be approved by a two different senior devs prior to writing code.

Outcome: Applications became more scalable; Poor architecture was caught before code reviews saving heavy refactoring time; A precedent  was set to document all new applications.




Ice Cream Business Pitch

A presentation I created to help my friend pitch her ice-cream business to a national food service corporation (Aramark).

Code 4 Baltimore Weekly Meeting

Weekly presentation we gave to kickoff our meetings with a clear agenda, past accomplishments and meeting goals.