Mobile Application – Angular & Apache Cordova

Architected mobile application for an Arts Foundation that wanted to offer its highest donors a phone app to manage promotions to local restaurant and entertainment areas.

  • Developed using Angular JS front-end and ColdFusion backend utilizing MS SQL Server
  • Built on Apache Cordova (Phone Gap) platform to allow seamless distribution across platforms
  • Designed with material design principles in mind to deliver a sleek and modern user interface to attract higher user-base
  • Oversaw distribution through Google Play and Apple stores

  • Burning through Angular tutorials to ramp up quickly for the project
  • Studying the involved life cycle of push notifications in mobile development
Lessons Learned
  • Recognizing the weaknesses of mobile frameworks in terms of functionality and processing and knowing when to recommend them over native code to clients
  • Documenting the tedious process of submitting an application to the App store