.Net Middleware to sync APIs

Architected .Net middleware application to automate processes for a health foundation to coalesce three different APIs – Survey Monkey, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint.


  • Utilized Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control design pattern
  • Implemented Unit Tests using Moq framework
  • Created PDFs of survey response dynamically
  • Leveraged Entity Framework for data layer and Newtonsoft package as JSON to SQL ORM
  • Worked with stakeholders to identify requirements and consulted on pros and cons of each API service.
  • Maintained ongoing updates and service requests 


  • First project where I got to decide the application architecture and serve as the tech lead with the client.
  • Creating a system that I knew would remove many manual steps in client’s business process thus freeing up their time.
Lessons Learned
  • Properly handling errors such as what if the PDF wasn’t generated or what if an API went down? Do we continue the process or stop it?
  • Analyzing where each step in the process flow should happen in code while keeping in mind what if the order changes.