Idea Hub – React & Python/Django

Served as Tech Lead to create a SPA application to allow city residents to pitch their ideas for technological solutions that could benefit the city


  • Architected front-end application using React /Redux
  • Leveraged Redux containers to minimize code and simplify operations for future developers
  • Implemented Sagas Pattern to handle async operations
  • Supervised development of back-end using Python and Django framework
  • Instituted PostgreSQL for data layer in favor of SQLite
  • Adhered to TDD design patterns for code maintainability and scalability


  • Learning the exciting new framework everyone was talking about 😉
  • Transitioning from the question “asker” to question “answerer” as my skills with React increased
Lessons Learned
  • Wrapping my head around the component architecture approach of React versus the more MVC approach of Angular
  • Revisiting the latest Es6 syntactic advances in dot operators, arrow functions and async* promise replacements. It was humbling to see I was falling behind and needed to catch back up.