Skateboarding is like Coding

If you’ve ever written a skateboard or rode an application, you’re well aware how the tiniest mistake can cause everything to crash. Unlike that last sentence where the error is benign, coding and skateboarding involve humorously similar trial & error attempts to prevent unexpected outcomes.

The video below highlights this rewarding and frustrating process and ends with the most common solution to programming problems 🙂

Why skateboarding is good for your child

If you’re a parent worrying your child starts skateboarding, she’ll be rolling with the wrong crowd (that’s a pun) she probably will. But that’s not because she skateboards and more likely a proclivity for defiant behavior.

The benefits she will gain, besides supernatural balance and jumping ability(I can easily reach rim on a basketball hoop and I’m 5′ 9″), are the following:

  • Perseverance in pursuing a goal
  • Inner-motivation for success over reliance on a coach
  • Comfort with taking risks and stepping out of comfort zone incrementally
  • An understanding of isolating individual variables when seeking a new outcome